Our technology at your service

Throughout the years and based in our experience we have developed a booking system As well as standards and procedures that allow us to serve our clients as event planners and also the visitors in a very practical, efficient and effective way in any part of the country.


We have enabled an online booking platform for you to add to your official event website, in this you will find all the hotel options that we have previously agreed to offer to your attendees. You will also find in this tool all the characteristics, services, locations and rates that each hotel offers, this will allow your visitors to make the reservation from the computer or mobile device directly on the event website was valuable information for him or her to choose the hotel that best suits their needs.

Reservación en Línea
Reservación telefónica


If any visitor would rather have us make their reservation they can contact our call center through our 1-800 number from Mexico, USA and Canada. We will take their call in any of our 18 lines available.


Every reservation processed in our office whether online or through a call center will be confirmed by email within the next 24 hours. That email will include the confirmation code for the hotel, cancellation policies, the reservation characteristics and any use for information that will help your visitors prepare for the trip.

Confirmación de Reservacion


The information generated by our operation is a great use for our clients, here are some examples of the information and the statistics that will be processed:

  • Exact number of out of town attendees
  • Room booking statement
  • Where are your guests accommodated
  • Number of confirmed bookings prior to the event
  • Place of origin from which most of your guests are from
  • Amount of courtesies generated by our office
  • Economic impact generated by the hospitality industry within that city