We add value to planning your event

We will be pleased to assist you with no extra fee and make sure you get the best service

As a company we specialize in hospitality management for groups, conferences, conventions and exhibitions in Mexico.

We have developed business partnerships with the best hotels in the country specialized in business tourism for you to choose the option that best suits your event.


We put at your disposal our negotiating strength and expertise, we analyze your event to best understand your needs and objectives. According to the analysis we then develop a strategic plan for the hotel selection and requirements in the negotiation as well as the amenities you might need.

Asesoría Estratégica
Negociación y Contratación de Hoteles


We help you approach different hotel groups and properties in the country, your event is always our priority in the negotiation. We search for the best rates (guaranteed), best hotel locations, discounts, courtesies as well as room blocking and special services or requirements. The amount of events we manage per year place us as leaders in the Booking and Hospitality Management industry which allows us to get the best deals in the market.


The booking department at GCI is highly trained to provide an excellent service to the events attendees. This department manages and arranges every booking option wether it is over the phone or online through our own software developed by our team.
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Event marketing

At GCI we are able to make your stronger when it comes to the efforts you are making to promote your event. Through our mailing system we can target specific guests you want to reach as well as attendees in general in order to encourage them to register for the event and book their hotels at the preferential rates we offer.

Central de Reservaciones


One of our competitive edges and key added value differentiator is our custom made booking system by which we establish personalized and professional channels for your guest to book in a safe, simple and practical way.

GCI Service Guarantees

We have developed a method that protects every single one of your attendees that has booked with us. Our commitment is to protect any discrepancy or mistake the hotel might have done regarding the reservation within 10 minutes of the problem being reported to us. If for any reason the hotel doesn’t respond to this issue we take it upon ourselves to solve the problem and will pay for that hotel night. Our biggest interest is to protect our customer and guarantee a positive experience.


Before, during and after the event, we make available booking reports that our software has processed in established periods of time, you will have access 24/7 to these reports in real time.



Our client service orientation leads us to be proactive and prevent any situation that may arise. Our goal is to lighten your load and take care of the hotel and booking management for you so that you can focus your resources in the most crucial areas of your event. We want you to know beforehand that you have delegated the attention and caring of your guests to professionals.