We are here to clarify any doubts

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions our users have had. If you have any other doubt we would be more than happy to help you clarify it.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my reservation?

You can do it in four simple steps:

1.- Go to the website of the event you are planning to attend, here you will find a link to start your reservation and you will have to select whether you are a visitor or a exhibitor.

2.- Select your arrival date and your departure date, number of rooms you want to book and number of guests. Then click the Find Hotel button.

3.- Compare the different rates by hotel and select from the list the one that best suits your needs.

4.- Complete information requested when you register your booking, verify your name and email address are correct.

That’s it! You will then get an email with a confirmation letter between 20min to 24 hours with your reservation. When you are done processing your reservation you will be able to print out a preliminary confirmation letter.

If you prefer you can process your reservation over the phone, simply call us on our toll free number (800) 8383-100 from any part of Mexico or (81) 8000-6579 from Monterrey, (55) 8000-6579 Mexico City, (33) 8000-6579 from Guadalajara and our representatives will gladly process and confirm your reservation.

How does GCI guarantee the best rate?

Thanks to the amount of business we manage in a yearly basis within Mexico through our sister companies we are able to guarantee the best rate in the market. We offer to all our customers our best rate guarantee. For further information please visit the rate guarantee section.

Is it safe to use credit card?

With out a doubt. In GCI we have invested in several security measures to protect your personal and also your credit card information. We also have a security certificate issued by Comodo Secured, which guarantees that your information will be transmitted in a secure way (encrypted) to our own servers and not a unknown or unauthorized one. You can rest assured that your personal information and credit card details are coded and encrypted in a format that will keep these confidential. Please visit our Privacy Notice section for more information.

My credit card number is correct but the system will not allow it. Why?

There are several possible reasons for this:

The system doesn’t allow your type of credit card.

(For reservations we only allow Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

Your credit card is expired, verify due date.

Verify that you are not typing anything other than numbers. (The system wont allow any letters or symbols)

There’s a computing error

(Please contact a representative over the phone in order to assist you with your reservation)

What is Headquarters Hotel?

Headquarters hotels are usually chosen by the event organizer in order to group the attendees in one or a few hotels to promote fellowship during and after the event. This hotels are normally were most of the attendees make their reservations.

What is a Bonos Extra?

Any property that has the Bono Extra icon offers our GCI customers a discount or added benefit specified next to the icon.

How do I know what hotel to choose?

There are different variants to take into account when choosing your hotel and to help you make the best decision we have made available for you a variety of tools. In the hotel information tab you will find valuable information of property such as maps of the city and its location, age of the building, group that the hotel belongs to, places of interest nearby, services and characteristics of the hotel and the rooms as well as photos of the different areas. If the event chooses a headquarter hotel we advise to consider this as the best alternative. If the hotels in the list do not suit your needs don’t hesitate to contact us, you can always call and we will help you find the best alternative for you.

Will I receive a written confirmation for my hotel reservation?

When you complete filling out the reservation details a preliminary letter of confirmation of your booking will be processed and you can print that out at that very moment. You will also receive an email with a confirmation letter, this will arrive between 20 minutes to 24 hours to the email address you provided. In the letter of confirmation that you will receive you will find the information of your reservation just as you requested it as well as the hotel details you chose and it’s cancellation policy. If you don’t receive the confirmation please contact one of the representatives to our toll-free number: 800 8383 100 or 81 8000 6579

What happens if after I made my reservation I find a better rate somewhere else ?

Due to the volume of reservations we process our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest in the market under the conditions they were advertised, if there is a better price available for the same dates, in the same hotel and under the same conditions, you cant contact us immediately and after we have confirm the information in less than 24 hours GCI will give you the same rate and a added benefit for your trust.

Processing Your Reservation

How will my credit card secure my reservation?

When you process your reservation you will be asked to leave a credit card as guarantee, this credit card will be sent to the hotel in order to secure your room until the day you arrive. If you do not have a credit card your room will be subjected to availability therefore the hotel will be able to cancel your reservation if they find themselves with high occupancy during the dates of your reservation. We highly recommend to guarantee your room with a credit card or the deposit for the first night of your stay in order to avoid the hotel will cancel your reservation without notice. If you’re worried about the information of your credit card please visit our privacy notice.

The check-in time varies in every hotel but is usually from 1 PM to 3 PM the day of your arrival. If the hotel happens to have rooms available prior to the time they established you might be able to get your room earlier.

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?

You may modify or cancel over the phone or request it through email with the representative that sent you the confirmation letter. It’s important to mention that for some events and hotels the cancelation policies are different and some may ask you to modify or cancel a month prior to your arrival. If they have a 72 hours prior to the arrival policy you may be able to change guest name, have an earlier arrival or extend your stay (subject to availability), these changes will be free of charge if processed within the cancelation policy time frame.
If outside of the cancellation period the hotel is allowed to charge for the first night as “No Show”. Please review the cancellation policy specified in the letter of confirmation you will receive by email.

If I cancel my reservation will I get charged on my credit card?

If you cancel your reservation within the cancellation period allowed in your reservation (this will be specified in the letter of confirmation you receive by email) you will not be charged at all. The regular cancellation period free of charge is 72 hours before the arrival nevertheless there are some cases this may vary. Please review your letter of confirmation regarding the cancelation policy that applies to your reservation.

Hotels With Specific Characteristics

How can I find a hotel with specifics characteristics, price and amenities?
In our website you will find a search tool where you will be able to search a property with very specific characteristics such as price, hotel group or nearby points of interest. The number of search results will be of fewer hotels the more specific you are.

What should I do if I know I’m going to need a late check in?

When you are processing your reservation please specify the time of your arrival, if for some reason you flight gets delayed or have any setbacks you can always contact one of our representatives during business hours to our toll-free number: 800 8383 100 or 81 8000 6579. If after hours or the same day of your arrival please contact the hotel directly to inform them what time you will be checking in. If the room is secured with a credit card the hotel will be expecting you to arrive and if for any reason you arrive early in the morning the following day the hotel will charge your credit card as a No Show.